Save some money and sanity.  Learn from those that went before you. Here’s some nuggets of wisdom from a few thousand sessions….

Payment in cash, IN FULL, due at session's end.

For long term projects, consider buying a backup drive to back up your work. I keep nightly backups, but it is not my responsibility to keep files indefinitely. 64 gb flash drives are under $4o, so there is no excuse!

Remember to budget for disc duplication.

Bring only who/what you need to the session. tell the drummer: "if you don't hit it, don't bring it"... and leave the posse at home.

Be on time. Not early. Call if you’ll be late.

Bring supplies like strings,heads,tuners, etc.

Make sure your intonation and tuning are ok. If you need help with it, let’s tackle it BEFORE the session day.

Drummers, take off your front kik head and greatly loosen the beater head before you arrive.

Designate a leader. 6 guys telling me to turn their instruments up gets us nowhere.

Do not depend on technology. Sometimes, in the time it takes to tweak/tune 1 verse, you can sing the whole song proper 3 times over.

Take breaks or bring games/books. The studio can get boring when you are not the one performing.

Set realistic expectations. Getting 4 songs tracked and mixed like Beyonce in 5 hrs is not practical.

Do not try to do vocals when you are sick.

Have a plan, and have a budget.

Know your material.

Know your target audience/goal.

Silence is golden... esp. in the control room. shhhh! If you and your friends are talking while I’m trying listen critically, YOUR music suffers.

PLEASE NO CHILDREN! Studio is VERY dangerous for children

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