There’s a lot that I do. But if you need a quick list...
• Tracking
• Mixing
• Mastering
• Track Editing
• Vocal/Track tuning
• Drum Edits
• Session work: bass, guitar, keys, Hammond, vocals, strings, etc
• Sound reinforcement/gear consulting
• Guitar setup/repair• Bass and guitar building
• Mac repair/maintenance

GEAR LIST? There’s not a web page big enough for it all. I run Pro Tools HDX, Logic X, Studio One 5 and others. My primary focus has been Pro Tools since 1997. I’ve got hundreds of mics, including amazing vocal tube mics by my good friends at ADK. There are more than 50 stringed instruments here (basses, guitars, dobros, mandolins, etc)… I’ve got 2 full size fully weighted piano keyboards, plus a 61 key Hammond style controller. I’ve got more over 6 TB of samples, loops and sounds. Everything we do is backed up every night… to a safe, off-site backup location. Files are currently stored indefinitely. Over the course of 20 years, you accumulate a lot of stuff. It’s all here for your pleasure. Call me if you need specific items ;-) If you want an old list… here you go...

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