my clients

I’ve been working with bands since 1988, and full-time here since 2002.  Here are a few satisfied customers, in no particular order...

39 Goodbyes, 7:30 Entertainment, A Moment to Spare, Acoustic Crossover, All In, All of the Above, All or Nothing, Almost One, Amrev II, Another Voyage , Anything But A Desk Job, Arianne, Armory Infirmary, As Cities Fall, Barry Bozz, Beautiful Distortion, Beelzefuzz, Big Tree, Bill Gatta, Billy Patrick, Blue Sees Red, Boogie Da Monsta, Bottleshot, Boulder Damn, Bravehearts, Brian McCall, Bridge Between Realms, Buck, Buried At Dawn, Cam White, Cavities, Cease To Exist, Cerium, Chamber of Sorrows, Charlie Maz, Clip, Colorfast, Comrades, Damn Dirty Apes, Dave Doll, Dave Zullo, Dear Anna , Defining Structure, Dig, DJ Rez, Doomsday, Eighteenth Hour, Eli Oswald, Evro, Falling Over Failure, Fiakra, Fool's Honor, Frankie Needlz, From Dead to Worse, From These Heights, Full Metal Racket, G-Money, GCS Entertainment, George Hnat, Gerald Parks, GrooveCentral, Guy DeAngelo, Harry, Hasan Smith, Hexen, Inevitable Empire, Infernal Opera, J Clip, Jafar Knight, James Whiteman, Jared Fiddler, Jason Snyder , Jeanette Marno, Jim Keiser, Jodi Lewis, Joe Paul, Joe Stylez, Joe Wolensky, John Desentis, John Gaffney , Jon Cornelius, Jonathan Barnes, JP Dollas, JT Band, Just Win, K-Dog, Kaeyo, Karen and Amy Jones, Kathy Phillips, Keep Evans, Kelli Glover, Ken Webb, Leechboy, Little Al, Loose Cannons, Lowe Groovin', Lyranthe, Maceo, Marvin Falcon , Matt Border, Mayfair NJ, Melissa Craig, MERCS, Method of Groove, Midnight Special Band, Mike Miller at Your Cervix, Mindmaze, Mogul ENT, Molly Rahe Randall, Money Mo, Monster Truck, Motionless in White, Mouse Dollas, Mr. Weaver, Nick Brolic, No Gods, No Justice, No Repose, Northampton H-School, Of Myth and Man, Oh Savanna!, Omar Smith, One Cat Left, Order 66 , Overdrive, Pagan Altar, Pale Divine, Panic, Phillup Banks, PLI Brokerage, Pompeii, Pull the Pin, Q-ball, R & R , Razbari Sumthing, Rid of Waste, Rosary Ligature, Sara Reddington, Scars of Bourbon, Scott MacDonald, Seamless Getaway, Seasons of Despair, Septmeber Silence, Set Phasers to Stun, Shotty, Signs of Madness, Simcha Kanter, Sinister Realm, Sir James, Slightly Askew, Soundcrusher, Spoog Loc , Stasis, Steele Entertainment, Stefanie Johnson, Stephanie Grace, Stockton Bridge, Stoney Lonesome, Street Rhymes, Stuck in Your Radio, Tammany Hall NYC, Tapestry, Team David, The Great Digression, The Ring, The Tank, The Villas, Them Among Us, These-R-They, Think Big, Third Rail, Tim and Jules, Tusk, Tusk, Unwilling Truth, Vegafuse, Wil Staton, Wryneck

Brian J Anthony • 610-554-9036 • 1227 2nd St. Catasauqua, PA 18032