Dates/Times listed as OPEN are bookable slots.  You CANNOT book by clicking on anything.  If no dates appear, click the right arrow.  Text me or message me and give your name/slot desired.  I WiLL ALWAYS message you back.  If I don’t, hit me up again.  A date is not booked unless I contact you to confirm.  $30 per hour due in CASH at end of session.  

Don’t book what you can’t use.  In case of bad weather, message me.  Don’t be early.  Don’t be late.  Don’t come drunk/high or otherwise dumb.  And don’t bring alcohol/drugs/etc to studio or my property.  Save your money for better crap.  Like studio time. Or your kid’s college fund.

For booking text/call:

Brian J Anthony • 610-554-9036 • 1227 2nd St. Catasauqua, PA 18032